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 Reproduction Brassware was founded in 1965 and among the first patterns made was "World Cup Willie", the official mascot of the 1966 World Cup.

The company pioneered the term "Reproduction Brassware", still used in our title today, which many others have attempted to copy in whole or in part.

The Metal Reproductions came from the purchase of that company from a very good friend who sadly died. We did continue to make Copperware, mainly Horns and Coach Lamps, until demand ended. However we still produce copper Hunting Horns.

Over the years we have produced innumerable plaques, name plates for a variety of customers, this part of the business now forms a major part of our company, producing Rally Plaques for Vintage and Veteran events.

We can produce a pattern from a drawing, sketches, or photographs, we can make patterns any shape you require, from the normal square-oblong-round-oval, to Horse Brass designs. These are the traditional type of plaque with weight and character abound, we can make any quantities you require, from 5 onwards, and the price still remains the same.

These are all cast and then highly polished, and do appreciate in cost as time goes by.

We can also produce the etched type of plaque on a thin gauge brass plate, typically 0.7mm & 0.9mm in thickness.

Write or call to discuss your special needs, as we can produce from 10  to 10000 and what is more, in a variety of different shapes which of course others cannot do. See Contact Details page for address, telephone and email information.